Estate Plans and Trusts

Our knowledgeable professionals can help you through this overwhelming process.

Strategic estate plans and trusts can preserve assets for future generations.

You are never too young to think about providing for your family and your future care. Make the most of this opportunity with the help of experienced tax planners who can help you establish trusts or navigate factors such as probate court proceedings, appraisals, life insurance, annuities, residual distributions, retirement expenses, and much more.


Estate plans and trusts that are unique to your situation

The professionals at Candy & Schonwald listen to your concerns. We discuss the nature of your relationships, share research, and make recommendations so your plan is efficient and worry free. We are available to answer your questions or make alterations to your estate plan based on your changing circumstances.

Candy & Schonwald can help you with the following issues related to estate plans and trusts:

  • Clearly define your estate planning goals.
  • Collaborate with or refer professional advisors, such as attorneys, investment advisors, and insurance brokers.
  • Evaluate and recommend estate planning options.
  • Review your estate planning documents including current wills, trusts, healthcare directives, and a power of attorney, and consult with your legal advisor.
  • Decrease the problems and expenses associated with probate.
  • Lessen taxes at time of death.
  • Arrange for management of your estate in the event you are incapacitated.
  • Draft a working plan for conserving and effectively managing your estate after death.
  • Assist with transfer of the assets of your estate to heirs the way you want.
  • Organize fair and adequate liquidation of the estate to cover taxes and other expenses.
  • Prepare estate and gift returns.
  • Determine valuation of gifts and estates.

We will be happy to explain how you provide the greatest benefit while reducing estate and gift taxes for your beneficiaries, using some of the following tools:

  • living wills and trusts
  • lifetime family wealth transfers
  • family partnerships
  • charitable contributions

Plan for your future

Leaving a legacy is a wonderful gift to your family and other heirs. Find out more about estate plans and trusts by contacting our Dallas CPA firm or call (214) 826-6660.

The hassles and red tape associated with estate planning can be daunting, but you don't need to do it alone. Our team is waiting to assist you through every step of the process. If you'd like more information about our estate planning services, please complete this form to setup a Free Consultation.