Use your time doing what you do best!

Small business owners devote a significant amount of effort preparing payroll. Spend that time working on your business instead.

Why waste time processing payroll when your efforts are better spent generating sales or servicing customers? Candy & Schonwald provides payroll solutions that fit your staff size and budget. Outsourcing payroll to our Dallas CPA firm allows you to reduce overhead costs for staff or training.


Our services eliminate the need for additional tasks such as data entry. Our professionals stay abreast of constantly changing federal, state, and local payroll tax laws for hassle-free payroll tax filing. You also receive comprehensive services such as payroll reports, workers’ compensation audits, and more.

Your Candy & Schonwald payroll service options include:

  • Comprehensive payroll services. We take care of all the payroll processing, from preparing and printing checks to maintaining payroll records.
  • After-the-fact payroll services. We obtain your payroll records and other information and handle data entry for hassle-free reporting.
  • Online payroll services. We can set up an online payroll system for your staff or access an existing system to prepare your payroll reports.

Put us to work!

Let the accounting team at Candy & Schonwald eliminate the hassle of processing payroll and preparing reports, so you can focus on managing and growing your business. For a free consultation, contact our Dallas CPA firm at (214) 826-6660.