Focus on your business while we take care of your books.

Let our bookkeeping professionals keep your accounting records up to date and ready for reports.

Avoid the panic that arises when faced with a year’s worth of receipts and invoices that haven’t been recorded and returns are past due. Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors can keep you on track with regular updates to your general ledger. Although we usually recommend QuickBooks software, we also can work with other bookkeeping programs.


You can count on the seamless transfer of data to our CPAs and tax professionals for income tax preparation and other financial reporting. You can rest easy knowing that the process will be efficient and timely.

The following services form the foundation of bookkeeping service:

  • Bank reconciliation. Keep your bank accounts, books, and taxes up to date by reconciling business checking accounts. Ongoing account reconciliations help you identify lost checks or deposits, fund embezzlement, unjust bank charges, or unauthorized transactions.
  • Income statement. Get a comprehensive list of your revenue sources and expenses and determine your business’s performance. This also allows you to identify what aspects are over or under budget, reduce unexpected expenditures, and know your income tax liability.
  • Balance sheet. Get a snapshot of your financial position for a specific period. An accurate balance sheet allows you to make sound financial decisions such as identifying payables, collecting receivables, bolstering cash reserves, avoiding cash shortages, applying for credit, or determining your ability to expand.
  • General ledger maintenance. The general ledger is basically the core “book” of your business. By asking the Candy & Schonwald professionals to review your general ledger, you can avoid double billings or unlogged payments – keeping your books accurate and up to date.