Business Valuations

Accurate business valuations pay off.

Don’t underestimate the significance of your company. Objective business valuations withstand scrutiny.

Business valuations require sound judgement and proven expertise, which is why you need Candy & Schonwald’s qualified professionals. Accredited in business valuations by the AICPA, we maintain high standards when performing an analysis of business operations for estate plan filings. We’ll get to know your business intimately – analyzing operations and historical financial data. We work closely with you to provide a fully documented, comprehensive, and defensible appraisal of your most important asset.


Objective and accurate business valuations are crucial for:

  • estate planning
  • gifting
  • estate compliance
  • other business valuation scenarios

Few things are more important to planning than the value of a business and assets. The valuation you receive for your company can make or break a transfer.